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Info fields

Information fields used for the CIP pool rooms, Garching site, administration office, chairs of Theoretical Physics, University Observatory


101 computer no 01 in CIP1 room
102 computer no 02 in CIP1 room
103 computer no 03 in CIP1 room
... ...
201 computer no 01 in CIP2 room
202 computer no 02 in CIP2 room
203 computer no 03 in CIP2 room
... ...

Garching  (name[sub code]number, e.g. gar-ws-labann)

Name:Sub code:Description:
ha   Chair Parodi (formerly: Chair Habs)
la   Chair Krausz etc.
ap Work group Apolonski
ba Work group Baum 
  fel Work group Fel Florian Gruener
  ka Work group Karsch
  kb Work group Kleineberg
  kl Work group Kling
  ma Work group Major
  pe Work group Pervak
  pu Work group Pupeza
td   Technical services
tl   Technological Laboratory
bl   Accelerator Laboratory
mll   Maier-Leibnitz Laboratory (formerly: Accelerator Laboratory)
kr   Laboratory of Crystallography
rbg   Computer administration group (RBG)
etp   Chair Schaile
zup   Former chair Zupancic
erd   Experiment ERD
erda   Experiment ERDA
cresst   Experiment CRESST
snake   Experiment SNAKE
gams   Experiment GAMS
universe   Universe Cluster measurement computer
tu   TU + sub code
  e15 Chair Schönert

Administration office

verw General administration (also home office devices)
wst Workshop
cens CeNS
nim NiM
rbg RBG/IT (computer administration group)
stud Academic affairs and public relations

Theoretical Physics

At the chairs of Theoretical Physics, each workstation and cluster machine has the name of the series and the serial number in its respective information field. The serial number is usually limited to maximally two digits:

Name of the series:Names:
Computer cluster
i7 CPU computer th-cl-i70[0-9]
Workstation th-ws-e5[0,1][0-9]

th-nb notebooks are supposed to contain the name of the respective chair in the information field, as well as an indication of the type (e.g., with a Mac [ mb | mbp | mba | im | mp ]).

Chair:Short name:OU:
Chair Mayer (Exp. Met.) lmy met
Chair Craig (Theor. Met.) lcg met
ASC asc th
TMP tmp th
Chair Mukhanov lmk lmk
Chair Ruhl lrl lrl
Chair Dvali ldv th
Chair Frey lfy th
Chair Lüst llt th
Chair Schollwöck lsw th
Chair von Delft lvd th
Work group Braun agb th
Work group Paredes apa th

University Observatory

Chair:Short name:Description:
Chair Bender  lbd Extragalactic Astronomy (Prof. Ralf Bender)
Chair Burkert lbk Computational Astrophysics (Prof. Andi Burkert)
Chair Mohr lmr Cosmology and Structure Formation (Prof. Joe Mohr)
Chair Lesch lls Plasma Astrophysics (Prof. Harald Lesch)
Chair Preibisch lpb Young Stars (Prof. Thomas Preibisch)
Chair Weller lwl Physical Cosmology (Prof. Jochen Weller)
Chair Ercolano lec Star and Planet Formation (Prof. Barbara Ercolano)
Chair Pauldrach lpd Hot Stars (Dr. Adi Pauldrach and Dr. Jo Puls)