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Data storage

The Faculty of Physics has been operating a central file server since 2009. The system consists of highly available storage systems with redundant server computers.

We currently offer 5 terabyte of storage space for user directories on Linux and Windows computers. The directories can be accessed by client computers via CIFS or NFSv4.

At present you can access the directories directly from the CIP pool, Theresienstraße and from some chairs located at Salinenhof and Garching, i.e., from these sites you have access to the same data pool.

Special measures,  in particular mirroring and snapshots, are taken to protect the user directories against loss of data.

By agreement with individual chairs, we can also set up network directories for both Windows and Linux to allow for the storage of very large data volumes. Please contact the computer administration group (RBG) for details.

  • Filer access

    You have direct access from permanently installed workstations administered by us. However, in some cases it is necessary to get access from e.g. a mobile workstation. more

  • File systems used at Theresienstrasse

    Find here a description of the various file systems used at the Theoretical Physics chairs and work groups. more

  • Backup

    The computer administration group (RBG) periodically makes back-up copies of your home directories by taking snapshots at short intervals. Additionally, the LRZ makes long-term backups of your data. more

  • Archiving

    The LRZ provides an archiving system for the long-term storage of data. more

  • Subversion

    The Faculty of Physics offers you central Subversion (SVN) repositories for version control in your software design projects. more

  • GIT

    GIT logo

    The Faculty of Physics offers central GIT repositories for version control. more

  • GitLab


    The faculty offers a GitLab server. more

  • ownCloud


    ownCloud is a service comparable to Dropbox, but we host this service on our system. more