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Printing posters

For the chairs and construction office at the Garching site, a poster printer is available for printing posters on both normal and high-gloss paper. This printer is located in the building at Am Coulombwall 1, in printer room E44 on ground florr. There is also a guillotine in the room for cutting the posters.

TO print you will have to log in on the PC next to the printer.

Garching plotter

When using this resource, please keep in mind that poster printing is very expensive. In particular, you should take the following steps:

  • To avoid misprints, print A4 or A3 sizes before printing poster sizes, and check the A4 or A3 prints for possible errors.
  • Before printing, make sure that
    • the printer is not engaged in running another job (printing takes a long time).
    • sufficient ink is available.
    • suficient paper is on the roll.
  • If you want a poster to be printed on high-gloss paper, feed the printer with the paper you want to use, and make sure to replace it with normal paper after the poster has been printed.

Extra paper, both normal and high-gloss, as well as ink, are provided next to the plotter. Please tell us when you run out of them.