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The Faculty of Physics provides all of its students and members of staff with their own e-mail boxes. Above that, various mailing lists are available and new ones can be created if required.

The e-mail boxes of employees and PhD students have each a capacity of 5 GByte, the students' mail boxes have each a capacity of 1 GByte. You can send attachments of up to 20 MByte.
If you want to exchange files of more than 20 MByte in size, please use Gigamove or ownCloud.

Incoming e-mails are extensively checked for viruses and SPAM and labelled accordingly. A complex and freely configurable filtering system is available to reduce your workload.

To manage your mail you can use conventional mail clients or webmail. You can access your e-mails from any computer or other device that is connected to the Internet, using URL:

We have also been supporting access to email via Active Sync for quite some time. This means we offer an adequate groupware via our webmail interface. You can also use it to manage your calendar and contacts.