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LSF schedule for lecturers

In order to have course information published online in the LSF online course catalog, you as a lecturer are kindly requested to provide the following course-related information to the faculty administrator :

  • Course title (+ subheading)

  • Type of Course (lecture, tutorial, proseminar,…)

  • Name of the lecturer

  • Day and time of the event

  • Number of participants

  • Day of seat granting

  • Lecturer's office address, at least email address

  • Introductory literature; if applicable further literature or web links

  • If necessary:  requirements for attendance (master's degree, diploma, main study, passed exams,…)

  • Requirements for earning a certificate/ ECTS points

If there exists more than one tutorial group, it is necessary to indicate the specific name of the lecturer, room, time of day and the number of participants.

The event will be enlisted and published on LSF by the faculty’s administrator. Depending on the registration deadline, the students will be able to register for a seat in your course.

Please pay attention to the point of time of the registration deadline and granting of seats. Therefor just click on the "My participants" button in the left menu bar in LSF.

Further instructions can be found on LSF: (german)