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User regulations

Any member of the Faculty of Physics can use the Faculty's network and the associated MWN (Münchner Wissenschaftsnetz).

Faculty members are

  • staff,
  • students,
  • and other people who by definition are closely related to the Faculty of Physics.

All users of the MWN (Münchner Wissenschaftsnetz) are subject to the regulations set by the Regelwerk des Leibniz-Rechenzentrums (LRZ), which they legally accept when getting employed as staff or registered as students, or when requesting an LMU identification.

The guidelines governing the use of the LRZ's and LMU's data processing infrastructures must be observed. They regulate the handling of the provided hardware and software in order to ensure high availability of the data processing systems:


The computer administration group (RBG) does not offer any support for private or external devices.