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Procurement of hardware and software

When planning to procure IT hardware and software please contact the computer administration group at:

This will ensure compliance with the university's regulations pertaining to the procurement of IT equipment. Furthermore, you can benefit from project tenders and special prices, as well as of manufacturers' warranties of up to five years. The computer administration group can also offer you advice or find a solution to fit your specific requirements.

At LMU, price limits and special conditions exist for the following:

  • workstations, thin clients (Apple, Fujitsu, Dell, HP, Lenovo)
  • notebooks (Apple, Fujitsu, Dell, HP, Lenovo)
  • screens (Apple, Fujitsu, Eizo, Samsung)
  • servers (Fujitsu)
  • printers (Lexmark, HP)
  • beamers
  • related equipment (e.g. toner)
  • software licenses acquired via LRZ, a.o.

This list may be extended by further components on request.