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CIP scannerIn each CIP room two scanners (EPSON Perfection V500 Photo) are available. Each of these scanners is connected to a workstation located next to it.

The names of the computers (which are also shown on stickers on the respective screens) are:

  • in CIP 1: ankogel and sagzahn
  • in CIP 2: oder and spree

Use the application XSane, which can be found in the Start-/Programm menu under Grafik -> XSane Image Scanner.

Scanning a single page and saving it as an image

To scan just one page,

  1. Put the document into the scanner and align it to the right upper corner of the scanner.
  2. Choose in the main settings window whether you want to create a color or a grayscale image.
  3. In the large preview window, click Acquire preview.
  4. Using the lasso, select the area you want to have scanned.
  5. Optional: You can optimize the image by adjusting its gamma value, luminosity, contrast or color curves. You can view the consequences of your changes in the preview.
  6. Select in the main settings window the Save mode, and, below, choose the path where to store the scanned picture and its name. The file type will be determined by default by means of the file ending (e.g. *.jpg); possible formats can be found in the Type dropdown list. You can start a file browser using the floppy disk icon on the left.
  7. Set the resolution you want; please note that a resolution over 600dpi does not make sense, 200dpi should be sufficient. Use the same values for X and Y. Below on the left, you will see the resolution and the file size of the image document to be created.
  8. To start the scanning process, click Scan. To the left, a bar will appear showing the state of progress. A full bar indicates that your document is complete.

Scanning several pages at a time and adding them to one document

If you want to scan several associated pages it may be better to save all of them in a single PDF or PostScript document. For this purpose, you need to create a multipage project:

  1. Select the Multipage mode in the main settings window.
  2. A window will open. Enter the path to and name of your project. You can start a file browser using the floppy disk icon above on the left. Click on Create project.
  3. Scan the pages one after the other as described above at Scanning a single page and saving it as an image, each time skipping step 6. The scanned documents will be added to the multipage project automatically.
  4. Finally, select the file type you want for your multipage document, and click on Save multipage file.
  5. Delete the project folder with Delete Project so that only your completed document is left.

Scanning an image and editing it with GIMP

You can access the scanner from GIMP. For this, you can

  • either start XSane via File -> Create -> XSane -> Device Dialog..., and then use it as described above
  • or start an alternative interface via File -> Create -> Scanning (iscan)....

The alternative interface offers similar functions as XSane. To scan an image to be edited with GIMP, proceed as follows:

  1. Choose between color and grayscale scanning on the right at the bottom, choose the resolution, and click on Preview.
  2. In the preview window, use the lasso to select the area to be scanned. To get a new and enlarged preview of the newly selected area, click above on Zoom.
  3. Optional: Adjust the resolution and optimize the image using the controls offered under the Adjust tab.
  4. Click on Scan to scan the image again and to display it in the main window of GIMP.

Further information

To learn more about XSane and its functions, please consult the official Xsane documentation.