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Printing & scanning at Theresienstraße

Several A4 printers are available in the printer rooms at Theresienstraße:

Please mind the code of conduct!

2nd floor (chair Ruhl)   

lrl-pr-cl1A243b HP CLJ CP3525 A243b color, duplex, A4
lrl-pr-mf1A243b HP CLJ CM2320fxi A243b color, duplex, A4
rl-pr-mf2A243b HP CLJ CM2320fxi A243b color, duplex, A4
lrl-pr-sw1A243b HP LJ 4250 A243b black/white, duplex, A4

The printers on the 3rd and 4th floors can be used by all members of Theoretical Physics:

3rd floor                    

th-pr-sw1A356 HP LJ M605 A356 black/white, duplex, A4
th-pr-cl1A356 HP CLJ M680 Flow A356 color, duplex, A4, Stapler, Scanner
th-pr-sw1A344 HP LJ M605 A344 black/white, duplex, A4
th-pr-cl1A344 HP CLJ M680 Flow A344 color, duplex, A4, Stapler, Scanner

4th floor                

th-pr-sw1A457 HP LJ M605 A457 black/white, duplex, A4
th-pr-cl1A457 HP CLJ M680 Flow A457 color, duplex, A4, Stapler, Scanner
th-pr-sw1A445b HP LJ M605 A445b black/white, duplex, A4
th-pr-cl1A445b HP CLJ M680 Flow A445b color, duplex, A4, Stapler, Scanner

Above that, scanners are available in the secretaries' offices and printer room A457.