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All copiers at the Garching site allow color and black/white scanning. Scanned documents can be sent via e-mail to addressees with LMU or MPQ e-mail addresses.

To scan a document, place the original (as when copying) either on the glass surface or in the automatic document feeder.  Using the copier's input panel, do the following steps:

  1. Press the scan key in the left area scan key.
  2. Select an e-mail address from the list of registered e-mail addresses on the touch screen, or enter a new one by pressing Ziel prg.. If needed, you can also enter a subject and other properties.
  3. Select the scanning properties (resolution, color / black/white, etc.) in the left area.
  4. To confirm your entries, press the green copy key. Repeat these steps to scan further pages.
  5. After scanning all pages, send the e-mail by pressing '#'.

The e-mail should be in your mailbox by the time you return to your office.