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Printing from your private Linux computer

Forward the printer port through a SSH tunnel

In order to communicate with the printer server CUPS, you need to route your requests to this server through a computer at ASC. For this, open a terminal, and enter the command

ssh -N -T <accountname>@<hostname>

Replace <accountname> with your user name, and <hostname> with the name of a work station at ASC.

Using this ssh tunnel you can now directly communicate with the printer server of Theoretical Physics. Test the tunnel connection by entering into your browser


If your browser finds a page there, you have correctly set up the ssh tunnel.

Now you have to prompt your local printer server to connect to the printer server at ASC.

For this, enter the command

sudo echo "BrowsePoll localhost:6631" >> /etc/cups/cupsd.conf && sudo /etc/init.d cups restart

After some time, all printers available at ASC should be shown at your computer.