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Printing posters

For the chairs located at ASC a poster printer is available for printing posters on normal and high-gloss paper.

Please keep in mind that printing posters is very expensive. To avoid misprints:

  • Print A4 or A3 sizes before printing poster sizes, and check the A4 or A3 sizes for errors.

To have a poster printed, please send an e-mail to, including

  • the poster as PDF
  • the date by which the printed poster should be available
  • who is paying for it (payment can be made in cash or via the respective chair)
    • the costs per square meter are 10 EUR to 15 EUR, depending on how much color is used
  • whether you want to borrow a tubular at the cost of 10 EUR

Extra paper (normal and high-gloss) and ink is available next to the plotter. If run out of, please let us now.