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Requesting an account or rights to be added to an account

Please use the web-based forms offered below to request new accounts or the assignment of additional rights to existing accounts. 

Accounts can only be requested by a person who has been assigned for this purpose by the relevant chair or work group. Furthermore, the computer administration group (RBG) must be notified of the assignment. The person assigned will then receive the permissions to access the web interface provided for the process.

If a person has already got a LMU account, which is the case for all students at LMU, all that needs to be done is to add the permissions to access the physics area. In all other cases, a LMU account with the relevant permissions will be created.

If a person has already got a LMU account it is absolutely necessary to indicate this in order to avoid the complications that result from a person having several LMU accounts.

Account types

When requesting an account you will be asked to choose one of the following types:

TypeValidityW-LANAccess to services*LMU account
Employee Unlimited + + +
Student for the period of studies + + +
Long-term guest max. 2 years + + +
Short-term guest max. 4 weeks + + -
W-LAN guest max. 4 weeks + - -

*Access is provided to the services listed under Services.

Important: The web interface does not create the accounts (with the exception of WLAN accounts) but provides only a standardized query form to ensure completeness of information.

Note: Accounts should be applied for at least one week prior to the arrival of the staff member or guest. To create and allocate an account is a time-consuming process. Therefore please apply in time to avoid unnecessary delays.

Please use this web-based form to request LMU accounts and guest accounts, or to request the assignment of additional rights to existing accounts  [more]

For guests which need just WIFI access, please tell them about BayernWLAN


Accounts without chair membership: We are able to extend the membership without a chair for max. 1 year. The Users keep their Mail-Adress and the access to the CIP workstation.