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Code of Conduct

The following code of conduct should be considered by everyone taking advantage of the IT services provided by the RBG at the faculty of physics.

Try to help yourself
To solve an IT issue, try reading the related documentation first. If this doesn't help, consult your favorite search engine. In case you are still not able to solve the problem on your own, ask your local chair admin for help. If you still get stuck you can, of course, ask the RBG for help in the last instance.

Set safe passwords
Never use names or words you can find in a dictionary for passwords. Best practice is to use a minimum of eight random characters, numbers and symbols. Be very thoughtful with your passwords and never share them with other people. Don't write your passwords down (if at all, use an encrypted database).

Save energy
Log out of your account every evening. Use screen or X2Go, if you want to run a Mathematica calculation for example (see FAQ). Use simple screensavers only. Shut down the Thin Clients every evening (press the power-button).

Be thrifty with licenses
End commercial programs for which there is only a limited number of licenses available (e.g. Mathematica, MATLAB, Maple), if you are not using them. Otherwise you are blocking the use by other users.

Conscious handling of net-resources
Start no input/output intensive calculations inside /home. Use the appropriate /project and /data directories of your chair or your local machine instead.

Keep us op to date
Inform your admin and the RBG, when moving a terminal or monitor. A short e-mail is sufficient. However, never move a workstation without consulting the RBG.

Keep the environment clean
Please throw your failure prints in the trash instead of letting them lie around in the printing room.

Keep the hard drive clean
The following applies to all workstations: /data should preferably be kept clean. Other users will be grateful.

Be thrifty with CPU-time
Use the queuing system SLUM for distributed computations on the workstations. Don't start time consuming computations on single machines outside the queuing system. Only use the Nice-Value 19 for short test-calculations.

Be respectful of other users
Don't shut down the workstations. Don't start too many computational jobs. Other users working on these workstations will be grateful for considering that. Inform the RBG if your workstation ist not running smoothly anymore.

If you have any questions concerning the code of conduct, do not hesitate to mail us: