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Specific deinventory regulations for IT devices

1. Devices beyond guarantee:
If reported problems are likely to be caused by a defect of the hardware, it can be assumed that an economic total loss is on hand.
The RBG only offers continuative support for these devices, if on the part of the users it can be proofed that there are compulsory reasons for the necessity of the ongoing service of the device.

2. Devices with an outdated operating system:
Devices, which run with operating systems for which there are no further up-to-date security updates provided, are not to be considered as qualified for official service.
By the usage of such systems, the security of the whole network is endangered. This is why those devices can only be further used in special cases (e.g. non-replaceable experimental hardware). In agreement with the RBG theses devices will be run behind a firewall or even completely detached from the network.

3. Devices with insufficient hardware:
Devices which run with up-to-date operating systems, but whose insufficient hardware (e.g. too little main stroage) doesn't allow a decent and smooth operation, are also not to be considered as qualified for official service.
The maintenance of those devies can be refused by the RBG.
The RBG gladly gives advices, if a technically and commercially reasonable upgrade of these devices is possible.