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Administration and use of official notebooks

Offical notebooks are defined as notebooks that have been acquired by the computer administration group (RBG) or after close consultation with the RBG. The RBG must have a copy of the invoice.

To ensure network integrity, these notebooks must meet the following requirements:

  • An RBG admin account exists and is accessible via ssh (nb-ripley).
  • A firewall is active, a virus scanner ( has been installed, and the software environment is up to date (security gaps have been patched).

Please note that, legally, official notebooks must not be used for private purposes. You are therefore not allowed to use free-of-charge, personal use licenses, such as Antivir.

Being responsible for network integrity, the RBG is obliged to verify that the above-mentioned criteria are being met. The RBG will inform you when they find that one of the conditions is no longer met. If you are in doubt whether an official notebook meets the requirements for network integrity, please feel free to contact the RBG staff.

The notebooks should be handed over to the users by the RBG in order to ensure that the conditions for network access are being met, such as correct inventory. When taking over a notebook for internal use you  have to make absolutely sure that it has before been inspected by the RBG. Only by doing so, you can protect yourself against possible breaches of warranty and claims for damages.