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Typical work environment

This is a typical configuration example of a Windows-operated computer in use at one of the Faculty's chairs:

  • The Windows folders (the user's files and pictures, etc.) are mirrored to the Linux home directories and are thus accessible from anywhere.

  • The Linux home directory is available on device U:.

  • The project folder is available on device P:, sub-folders have been created for the chair's projects.  Access to the sub-folders is restricted to the respective project teams, who form individual groups with specific access rights (groups and access rights are managed by the directory service).

  • Our central Large Temp directory is available on device L:. It serves for short-term storage of large files.

  • Several printers have been installed, which are located on the chair's site.

  • Regular backups are made of both U: and P:.

  • Each of the registered laptops has been assigned an IP address and a computer name.

  • Software and updates are automatically distributed.