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Microsoft Windows

The computer administration group (RBG) of the Faculty of Physics provides all of its students, administrative staff and members of chairs and work groups with a multi-functional Windows server infrastructure (Windows Server 2008 R2 Active Directory).

Workstations at the chairs' locations

Workstations that are registered at our domain benefit in many ways:

  • Connection to the central file server: Central storage of data on the central file server allows you to access your data from any computer and even access your Linux home directory. Data is saved every   half-hour/hour/day
  • Individual file, printer, DNS and DHCP services: For specific organization units, further project folders and printers can be set up with access restricted to the unit's staff.
  • Automatic software distribution: We import Microsoft updates (Windows, Office, etc.) for you via WSUS, and offer the installation of operating systems and software, as well as software updates (Flash, Java, etc.) via Baramundi deployment.
  • Directory services: using the LMU accounts, we can create individual user groups, which can be used for the management of access rights, etc.

Windows terminal servers

In addition, there are several terminal servers that can be accessed from any computer. Thus the software installed on the terminal servers (MS Office, Adobe Creative Suite, etc.) can be used anywhere.