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Apple macOS

Currently, the following services are available for Apple computers with macOS :

Installation service for official notebooks

Officially used notebooks can be set up by the users themselves in compliance with the rules pertaining to the administration of official notebooks.
Users simply give their names during the installation process. Furthermore, before returning the notebook, a cleanup can be done in an easy and simple manner.

Future services for Apple users

The following services are being developed and will be offered to Apple users:

  • Connection of  Mac workstations to the central Physics home (which is currently being tested).
    Authentification will be by the Physics user name. The users' data will no longer be stored on the hard disks of their computers. Thus periodic data backups can be done by or LRZ.
  • Calendar and address book synchronization between macOS and iOS computers;
    synchronization of the data with reading and writing access under macOS and iOS.
  • Flexible backup solution for Apple notebooks
    A backup solution for data on notebooks is being sought that automatically uses existing online connections, thereby saving resources.
  • macOS terminal server
    It will be possible to log into an macOS terminal server from a remote desktop client.