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Network access via WLAN

Please note that on 27th November 2018, there will be an change in Certificates, you have to change your devices in advance.

This description is only for Students and Members of the faculty of physics, all others please use this link.

Students, faculty and staff can log into the university network via WLAN at hot spots on all of the university's campuses.

You do not need a password in order to create a WLAN connection, but once the connection is established you must authenticate yourself in order to access the university network and the Internet. There are two different procedures for this:


EDUROAM is a relatively new technology that enables you to log into the university network with your LMU identification also when staying at other European universities and research institutions. Using EDUROAM is simple: no additional application is required and you can access the Internet immediately after successfully configuring EDUROAM and establishing a WLAN connection.

Usually, you can access three different radius zones via the LMU account:

    Authentication via (username of your LMU account) and the password of your LMU account.
    Please use this particular radius zone for exclusive WLAN accounts (they are only activated for this radius zone, please pay attention that, in the LRZ instructions, must be replaced by
    Authentication via (username of your LMU account) and the password of your LMU account.
  • LRZ identification
    Authentication via and the password of your LMU account.
    Your LRZ identification can be found at the LMU portal ( in email settings.
    If asked for an anonymous identity, state "".

In contrast to the description provided by the LRZ, we also support TTLS/EAP-MSCHAPV2, which means that when using radius zone you can also use devices with WLAN that do not support EAP-PAP (e.g. Nokia Symbian mobile phones).

Important note for Android users:

For Android, please use EAP-PWD, just change the settings for the network "eduroam" and "EAP-Settings" to "PWD", there is then no need for Certificates. The method is secure without certificates. If you use "PWD" you can skip the next paragraph.

For any other method the following is important: If you use the EDUROAM network via an Android device without having installed a root certificate, it could be possible for attackers to grip private data.
Therefore Android users should check in their network preferences, if the root certificate T-TeleSec GlobalRoot Class 2 (till 11/27/18 Telekom Root CA 2) is already installed.
In case it is not, please use EDUROAM-CAT, or you can find further information on downloading and installing the certificate on the LRZ website.

EDUROAM-CAT (Configuration Assistant Tool)

There is a Configuration Assistant Tool available for every operating system for the automatical set up of EDUROAM. See

It is necessary to choose the right home institution: "Ludwig-Maximilians University, Faculty of Physics"

Start the installer (dependent on the operating system). You will be asked for your LMU identity, please use your user name without the @-ending


  • Certificate Change

    On 27th November 2018, there will be an campus wide change of certificates. Please adapt settings of your Wlan devices! more