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The computer administration group (RBG) is in charge of several server rooms. Together, they include all server, server room and storage infrastructures that are attended to by the RBG.

The network infrastructure is not supported by the RBG but by the Leibniz-Rechenzentrum (LRZ).  This support is centrally organized (and university-wide).serverraum

The following cooling capacities are available at the different server rooms:

  • 40 kW at Theresienstrasse
  • 10 kW at the Meteorology chair
  • 15 kW at the Garching site
  • 15 kW at the Salinenhof site
  • 7 kW at the CIP Pool

Apart from the server rooms and computers that are attended to by the RBG there is also an outsourced computer cluster at the LRZ.