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Central services

The computer administration group (RBG) offers a wide range of essential central services, which depend on a highly available cluster of servers located in the Faculty’s big server room. The server clusters run on Scientific Linux and provide the virtual machines that offer the various central services.

The central services include:

  • Directory services
    The directory services provide user accounts for the Faculty, as well as related information and access rights. The directory service for user accounts (Novell eDirectory) is synchronized with the central university administration (ZUV) and serves as a source for the set-up of mailing lists. An ActiveDirectory and LDAP directory service manage the internal access rights for Windows and Linux machines.

  • Mail
    The computer administration group operates a high-performance mail system, which provides each member of the Faculty’s staff with a mail box, the necessary server infrastructure (SMTP, IMAP) and web frontends, as well as SPAM and virus filters.

  • Zentrales StoragesystemData storage
    Each user at the Faculty has a user directory on the central file server, which offers sufficient network storage for all users and is operated in a storage area network (SAN). The storage area network is distributed across several server rooms at different locations. SAN data storage and back-up is enhanced by additional periodic back-ups to the Leibniz-Rechenzentrum (LRZ) (the computer center for Munich's universities). The LRZ also offers the possibility to archive data for 10 years in compliance with DFG regulations.

  • Web servers
    Several web servers provide websites for the Faculty, individual chairs and work groups, excellence clusters and individuals.

  • Windows/Linux Terminal Server
    TerminalserverThe desktop computers run on Linux (Ubuntu) and Windows. To allow the two operating systems to use each other’s possibilities, the computer administration group offers the necessary terminal server services.

  • Repositories
    Servers are made available for the management of software repositories (SVN, git).