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Domain allocation

Domain names for websites are allocated as follows:

  • Domains below (or
    These domains can be allocated by the computer administration group (RBG). In some cases a domain name may have to be agreed upon with the Faculty's administration office.

  • Domains below (or
    These domains can only be allocated to interdisciplinary projects, an approval by Referat VI.4 is required. Details can be found at the link below. When requesting a domain, please send a copy to, and state in your request that the website will be hosted on the web server of the Faculty of Physics. The RBG will settle the technical details with Referat  VI.4.

  • Domains outside the university
    If a chair or LMU institution requires a domain to be set up outside the domain names or (e.g.: they need the approval by Referat VI.4. Please do not buy a domain from an external provider. The RBG will procure the domains for you via the LRZ after approval by Referat  VI.4.

Please keep the number of domains as small as possible. Registering a page under several top level domains does not necessarily improve its chance of being found.

The costs for the domain will be borne by the applicant. Setting up a ".de" domain costs 10€, and 7€ will be charged in each of the following years as operating costs. To register your websites under other top-level domains may cost more.