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Within the Faculty of Physics we use certificates for electronic signatures:

  • Server certificates are signed by LMU's Certificate Authority (CA). The LMU's CA is part of the DFN Global PKI, which is signed by the Telekom Root Certificate. The Telekom's master certificate is currently recognized by Internet Explorer.  Users of Firefox or Thunderbird need to import the Telekom certificate. Furthermore, there are still some server certificates in use that were issued by our directory service.
  • The LMU CA cannot issue personal certificates. There may still be some personal certificates in use within the Faculty that were issued by the CA of our directory service. Please note that the master certificate for these certificates is not recognized by browsers.

Import of the master certificate

To avoid error messages when accessing an encrypted web-page or email, you must import the master certificate. To import the certificate, simply click on the link below.

In Internet Explorer a dialog window will open, please click on installieren. Click “ok” in reply to the following questions, until the installation process is completed. The certificate will then be available for Internet Explorer as well as Outlook and Outlook Express.

In Mozilla Firefox and Thunderbird you will additionally be asked which areas the certificate should apply to. It is best to check all three points. Unfortunately Thunderbird will require an additional separate import of the certificate. Save the certificate in your browser with a right click and Speichern unter. Go to Einstellungen. Access the section called Datenschutz and then go to the tab marked Sicherheit. Choose “Zertifikatsverwaltung”. Choose the tab Zertifizierungsstellen and click on Import.