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Corporate Design with LaTeX

The projects introduced here enable the type setting of LaTeX-documents adhering to the Corporate Design of the LMU.

Letters and Business Cards

The package that is introduced in the following enables the creation of letters and business cards under LaTeX in compliance with the the LMU's corporate design style. For this, the necessary metric files have been created, as well as the style files lmu-brief.sty and lmu-vcard.sty.The instructions apply to Linux and can be used analogously for other operating systems.

The download of the files is only possible for staff.

Unpack the file lmu-brief.tgz into your home directory:

tar -xvf lmu-brief.tgz

This will generate a directory texmf with all necessary font files, metric files, styles and logos. If texmf exists the files will be added. ($HOME/texmf is where private LaTeX components are placed.)

Execute command:


to enable LaTeX to recognize the new files. Furthermore, the scripts make-lmu-brief and are inserted into the bin directory. The samples lmu-brief-muster.tex, vcard-muster.tex and ett-muster.tex are written into the directory latex.

The command search path $PATH should be contained in $HOME/bin for the above-mentioned scripts to work everywhere. If this is not the case, add into $HOME/.bashrc:

export PATH=$PATH:$HOME/bin

Execute in directory latex the command:

make-lmu-brief lmu-brief-muster.tex

This should create a pdf file of the sample letter. lmu-brief-muster.tex includes comments to explain the implemented functions.

Nota bene: Most components of a letter (address, sender, logos) are optional. If they are not used, sometimes \vspace* is required to preserve the vertical alignment. The script make-lmu-brief suppresses the chatty output of LaTeX, only error messages are displayed, after filtering. In tenacious cases you can use pdflatex, but if you do so, you must pay attention to the ligations (see below).

  • vcard-muster.tex
    an example for printing business cards on the standardized 85x55mm carton samples that can be obtained from the stationer's.
  • ett-muster.tex
    can be used for printing 63x39.5mm stickers.

Warning: The LMU fonts do not have special characters for the ligations fi and fl as LaTeX expects them to have. They must therefore be prevented from using f\/i and f\/l, which is automatically done by the script make-lmu-brief.