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Scientific Linux mirror

The Faculty of Physics supports a mirror server for Scientific Linux, which is an enterprise Linux distribution built from freely available sources of the RedHat Enterprise distribution. Scientific Linux is jointly maintained by CERN and FNAL (Fermi National Lab). The main focus is on having a stable platform that is available over a long period of time. This is why Scientific Linux is particularly suitable for use on servers. Furthermore, some of the extensions introduced into Scientific Linux, such as AFS, are of great importance to the scientific community.

Scientific Linux is already in use on the servers at the Faculty's Garching site and on the Faculty's central servers (for web, e-mail and directory services). Rollout of Scientific Linux has started on the Faculty's site at Theresienstraße.

Due to limited server space, the mirror server currently holds only the most recent releases of Scientific Linux versions 3 and 4, and the complete version 5.

A rollout of Scientific Linux on desktop computers has started on the Garching site, where Redhat 9 will no longer be supported.